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Following the feedback from parents at the parents forum together with the results from the recent questionnaire in Decmber 2013, it was a unanimous decision in favour of a very simple uniform that all the pupils are exoected to wear at our school. the school is therefore going to implement a uniform policy from 1 September 2014. this will apply to the whole school including Nursery.

The majority of parents voted for a red sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without logo) a white or red polo shirt (with or without logo) and grey or balck trouser, skirt or shorts and a red checked summer dress from the standard uniform range available in most shops, so we will be adopting this as our uniform.  

School uniform items with embroidered logos can be purchased online at Tesco's.


The school's own research of school uniform suppliers showed that Tesco's were priced competitively for embroidered items.

Children should wear a uniform that is easy for them to manage when they undress and dress for P.E. We strongly advise that all personal property is marked clearly with the child’s name. Unless articles are clearly marked, the recovery of missing property proves to be very difficult. Items of uniform which are not claimed from Lost Property are washed at the end of each half term and taken to the Cuckoo's Nest and are sold at discounted prices. Also, there is a uniform bank available at Kirklees Council. 

Children should wear clean, sensible and comfortable school shoes, with a full shoe, i.e. no sling back or open toe.  If the weather is bad, children should bring something to change into for inside school. Clothes and shoes which can be fastened and unfastened without help from the staff are an advantage.

PE and Games Kit

All children must change for indoor and outdoor PE.  Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times. PE kit should be named and kept in a small bag, on their coat peg.

For indoor PE children need a plain white t-shirt (with or without logo) and black shorts.

For outdoor PE, the children can also wear a warm jumper and jogging bottoms, tracksuits can be very practical.   We ask that children are provided with trainers as footwear. They will not be allowed to wear outdoor shoes for outdoor PE. 

All children will be asked to remove jewellery including ear rings before taking part in PE; this is for health and safety reasons.

All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.



Children may wear watches and small studs for pierced ears. We do not allow sleepers and dangly ear-rings as these can be caught or snagged and cause damage to the ear lobe. No jewellery is allowed in PE lessons or other sporting activities. Please note members of staff are not allowed to remove or look after jewellery for children.  Children who come to school with inappropriate earrings will be asked to remove them.

Implementation of the School Uniform from September 2014

From September 2014 all children will be expected to wear school uniform. We will be implementing a phased introduction of the new school uniform. This is to support famillies who have already purchased items of school uniform.

For those children who are new to our school or who did not previously choose to wear a school uniform then they will be expected to wear:

A red sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without logo) a whote or red polo shirt (with or without logo) and grey or black trousers, skirt or shorts.

Children who have already purchased a school uniform in any of the previously available colours may wear this until they need to be replaced, At this point we expect the new school uniform policy to be followed.

Existing School Uniform Stock


From now on school will no longer be keeping any items of school uniform stock. There are currently a number of items availabe at a reduced bargain price. Please call in at the office form more details, remember these items can still be worn in September 2014.

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