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British Values

At Marsden I and N school, we are keen to develop children’s understanding of British Values.  As a school we promote these values through the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. They are an intrinsic part of our ethos and school culture. British Values are embedded throughout our learning and within the themes of our assemblies. We aim to ensure our children understand the importance of respect and leave our school prepared for the next step on their journey as they are prepared for life in modern Britain.

The Government has stated that British Values are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.

Our School Code states that

In our school everyone has the right :-

  1. To feel and be safe
  2. To learn
  3. To be treated with respect

This school code underpins British Values which are reinforced regularly through the relationships, language and attitudes which are promoted in school as well as through many practical opportunities:

Democracy: Article 12 (UNCRC) states that ‘children have the right to have a say in matters that affect them’.

School has a well established system of democratic elections for members of the school council. Children are encouraged to identify foci for assemblies and are beginning to develop skills in leading these assemblies.

The Rule of Law: Article 41 (UNCRC) states that ‘if the laws of a country protect children better than the articles of the Convention then those laws must stay in place’.

School teaches children that everyone, children and adults alike are to be given respect. Adults are the duty bearers to ensure that children can access their rights and therefore must be respected as Article 3 states that ‘adults must act in the best interests of the child’. The third section of our code states , ‘everyone has the right to be treated with respect.’

Individual Liberty:  Article 2 (UNCRC) states that ‘The Convention applies to everyone: whatever their race, religion or abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from’.

School has an inclusive approach where all children are recognized as individuals and their individual potential is ‘grown’.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance: Article 14 ( UNCRC) states that ‘every child has the right to think and believe what they want and to practice their religion as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights’.

Assemblies and Collective Worship teach respect for all, and R.E. lessons teach children about other faiths, children visit places of worship of other faiths.

Curriculum units of learning  across the school encourage celebration of similarities and differences.

As a community school we enthusiastically take part in local, national and global celebrations and events, such as;

  • Marsden Remembers Events( Heritage Lottery funded), Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Jazz Festival,  Cuckoo Day, Tour de France
  • Send my Friend to School,  Fair-trade,  charitable activities such as Red Nose Day, MacMillan Coffee Afternoon.

Staff setting an example by dressing up as Heroes to support Children In Need 2014

Whole school Puzzle day 2014- supporting children to develop skills of respect through learning together.

The National Trust worked with each class to create a banner. The banners were carried around Marsden village as part of the Cuckoo Day celebrations 2015.

Social, moral, spiritual  and cultural development   Autumn term 2014

  • Election of school councilors in Year 1 and 2
  • Mac Millan Coffee afternoon- fundraising for others, class baking activities
  • Harvest Celebration at St Bartholomew’s- ‘thank you ‘ theme
  • Bonfire themed lunch- link to history learning.
  • Children in Need dressing up –fundraising for other children, Assembly to share work of the charity.
  • School choir performance  at St Bartholomew’s- contributing to village life.
  • Hand to Mouth Puppets leading a Christian assembly- Spiritual development
  • School choir perform for Marsden ‘Eat and meet’ group- developing respect for others through involvement in community activities.
  • School choir perform for Marsden ‘Christmas light switch on’ - developing respect for others through involvement in community activities.
  • Winter wonderland activity morning  provided opportunity to work with children from across school and with parental volunteers.- developing mutual trust and respect for others.
  • Extra curricular clubs  include Spanish, African Drumming, Lego, Recorder –provide opportunities to learn together about each other and other cultures through experiences and music.
  • Year 2 Remembrance  learning on WW1 included a visit to the local  cenotaph.
  • Displays by the school in the Church/poppies outside and banners
  • Supported community food collection in aid of crisis work of the Huddersfield  ‘Welcome Centre’ . The school councillors delivered our donations to the centre.
  • Nursery visits to local shops/cafe  as part of  topic develop respect and pride in their local community.
  • Christmas Performances - KS1
  • Reception

Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development  -Spring 2015

  • Red Nose day – Staff and children dressed up and made £1.00 donations. Collective worship to ensure children aware of how the money raised is used to benefit others.
  • World Book day-  Staff and children dressed up as book characters. Assembly  led by Literacy leader. World book day quiz information shared with teacher for use with classes. Letter to parents informing them of how we are celebrating world book day including website links.
  • National Trust- engaging in community Cuckoo Day events for village celebration on 25th April 15
  • Aladdin – performance for the whole school with staging, lighting and sound effects. This was a social and cultural experience.
  • Hand to Mouth Puppet assembly- presentation of Christian message through a puppet show
  • School Council- election of reception school councillors. Children made posters prior to voting taking place.-see school council notice board.This supports an early understanding of democracy.
  • The whole school learning days were based around problem solving activities. Children work in groups ( R-year2) with staff in each classroom in school developing mutual trust and respect for others.
  • Parents Games sessions, these were organised for each year group within curriculum time. Parents/carers  came to play literacy, numeracy, phonics games which support learning.
  • Kirklees Music sessions ( paid for by parents)– Ukele, piano, cornet.
  • Parent cello recital for nursery children ( am and pm)- cultural experience.
  • Recorder players performed in an Easter assembly - cultural experience.
  • KS1 and EYFS Disco’s run by INFO ( parents fund raising group)- building relationships and respect within the school community.
  • Year 2 Pirate theme- supported work on morals and rules
  • Strictly Pennine Dance Festival- Children performed at Lawrence Batley Theatre benefitted from this cultural and social  event which was celebrated with the whole school.
  • Enterprise club- purchased items from ‘Magic Box’ for all the school to use ( Treasure Jar time)
  • Spanish club- cultural aspects covered in addition to language skills.
  • Individual/small groups asking to lead Collective worship on matters of importance to them.
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