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Name Category of Governor Appointed by Term of office Committee Attendance Voting Rights Responsibility
Finance & Resources Strategy & Performance Community
Gareth Ackroyd LA Kirklees LA 2.9.17  1.9.21   Yes Vice- Chair &
Chair of Finance and Resources committee
Helen Allen Co-opted Governing Body 10.11.15 9.11.19   Yes


Maureen Walden Co-opted Governing Body 5.2.18 4.2.22   Yes  
Clare Kelly Parent Parents/Carers 5.2.18 4.2.22   Yes  
Caroline Martin Co-opted staff School Staff 21.11.19 21.1.23   Yes  
Paul Hoey Co-opted Governing Body 23.10.17 22.10.21   Yes  
Vicky Sewell Associate Governing Body         No  
Lorna Butters Co-opted Governing Body 21.11.19 21.11.23       Yes  
Vicky Smith Staff School Staff 23.6.17 22.6.21   Yes  
Frances Swallow Headteacher Governing Body 1.1.09   Yes  
Sarah Whitehouse Associate Governing Body         No  
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