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Paul Hoey (Chair of Governors)

I am Chair of Governors at the school. I have been a Governor for just over 3 years and Chair for the last 2 years. I joined the Governing Body when my son started in reception. He is now in the junior school but my daughter is still at the school.

My original reason for wanting to become a Governor was to gain a greater understanding of what goes on within the school and to assist wherever I could. I have a particular interest in the way that the school relates to the parents and the wider community, so have tried to emphasise during my time the importance of good communication between the school, children and parents and the need to ensure that the school is approachable and open in its relationship with the community.

We are responsible for overseeing effective use of the budget and in helping to manage the people that make up the school community. The budget is always an important issue to manage and our school has always faced particular challenges due to the age and location of the building but we have always worked as a team to use the funds we receive from the local authority in the most efficient way possible.

I really enjoy the role and think it is a good way to get involved and help the school. 


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