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What we do

At Enterprise club, the children learn to use lots of skills, such as team-building, organising and planning, designing and communicating. They learn to understand about business and money whilst having lots of fun.

At our first meeting, the children came up with lots of exciting ways of making money and we look forward to sharing them with you throughout the year. Our first event will be a bun sale which will take place after school on Friday, 3rd October.

Wednesday 5th November

Today we made salt dough, using 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt and a little water. We kneaded it for a while until it was smooth and then rolled it out. Next, we used pastry cutters to make shapes. They will need to bake in the oven for 3 hours on a very low temperature. Next week we will be painting the shapes. We will be selling them as decorations to hang on your tree closer to Christmas.

Reading Challenge - the winners

Here are some photos of Enterprise club members awarding the prizes to the 3 lucky winners. They each received a £10 book token. Well done to everyone who took part.

Enterprise Club Reading Challenge - October

Marsden Enterprise Club launched a reading challenge. They designed bookmarks, which were available to buy for £1. The challenge was to read 5 books in 2 weeks, recording the books read on the back of the bookmark. We have already had lots of completed entries returned and we are looking forward to presenting the prizes to 3 lucky winners drawn at random on Thursday, 23rd October. Good luck!

All children who return their bookmark will receive a certificate of congratulations.

Bun sale - Friday 3rd October

On Wednesday after school we made buns. We iced and decorated them on Friday lunch time, ready for our sale after school. The buns sold out within 10 minutes. We will make even more buns next time! Hope you enjoyed them.


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