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Welcome to the Year 2 page!

Summer 1 Topic Letter

This half term we will be learning all about Going Green and how we can reduce plastic to protect our environment.  To find out more please read our topic letter on the link below.

Summer 1 Topic Letter - Going Green


Please find information below relating the KS1 SATs your child will be taking in May.

2018 National Curriculum Tests at the end of KS1 


Outdoor Learning

We enjoy learning outside as often as we can. We recently investigated bar models in the playground using skipping ropes, chalk and maths equipment. We were finding out why addition is commutative but subtraction is not. Ask your child to explain to you why we can add numbers in any order, but have to subtract from the whole number.


Celebrating Harvest

We have also been learning to sing songs about harvest, which we performed for our Harvest festival at St Bartholomew's church. Our theme for this year was 'healthy eating' and the children had fun finding out about healthy and unhealthy foods as well as sorting food into food groups.

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