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Spring 2 - Oceans and Seas

The topic for this half term is 'Oceans and Seas'. Click here for the topic letter.

Spring 1 - Pirates

Our topic this half term is pirates. Click here for the topic letter.


We had a visit from a real pirate. He brought lots of things with him, such as bars of silver, pieces of eight, a musket and a pistol. He told us lots of tales of life at sea and asked us to help him design a scary Jolly Roger flag for his ship.
We held an assembly to celebrate our learning this half term. We acted out the story 'The Pirates Next Door' and we sang pirate songs.

Our Elf door

We have got an elf door in class 2K and today we sprinkled some magic dust in the hope that it will attract an elf. The elf will stay with us until we break up for Christmas, when he will fly back to the North Pole and tell Father Christmas who has been naughty and nice.

Visit to the Cenotaph


On Monday 14th November we visited the Cenotaph to see the wreaths that had been laid in rememberance of the soldiers who fell during the wars. We held a minute of silence as we thought about their sacrifice and bravery.

Thai Chi demonstration 10th November

We had a special visit from someone who came into school to demonstrate Tai Chi. He told us about the history and why it was developed and then he showed us some of the moves. We were all very impressed with the swords and fans he showed us. Take a look at the pictures below.


In Maths we do lots of learning on whiteboards before we write in our books. Here are some photos of us hard at work. We are learning about arrays to show multiplication and we can also draw a bar model to match the array. We know how to write lots of calculations to show what the array and the bar model mean.

2K Autumn 2

We are learning about significant people from the past this half term. We will find out about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Click here for the topic letter. There are lots of websites that you could use to help your child learn about our topic. Here are some links:

The Great Fire of London

Samuel Pepys

Florence Nightingale

Mary Seacole

2K Autumn 1

This half term our topic is 'World Kitchen' Please click here for a link to the topic letter, which explains the key areas of learning.

Welcome back everyone

Everyone has made a really positive start to year 2 and I am very pleased with how well all the children have settled in. We have almost filled our treasure jar already! Well done 2K.

Jazz Festival Workshop

We all had great fun learning songs for the 'Big Noise' parade as part of the Marsden Jazz Festival. The children came up with some of their own ideas for the songs and showed their individual and unique nature by picking the following things they like for the 'We all like" song.

Flowers, electricity, dinosaurs, pigs.


Our class assembly - October 2016

We performed our class assembly for the school and parents/carers. The children worked extremely hard to learn their lines and showed an impressive amount of confidence. We certainly have some budding actors and singers in 2K!


A special visit from Roger

We have been learning about food from around the world and Roger from Roger's Bakery came in to show us how he makes some of his breads. We tasted foccaccia from Italy and brioche from France and then we all made a pitta bread from Turkey. We walked down to Roger's bakery to see them being baked. They only took four minutes which surprised us all.

A great big thank you to Mr and Mrs Roger for inspiring the children!



The children have really enjoyed learning archery skills this half term with Project Sport. They made lots of progress and ended with an inter class competition. Here are some photos of the children in action.

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